The alphabet

The alphabet, is my first project in ” type 2 ” in the second semester. I started the project define all words that was handed to me both in Latin and Arabic. In total I have to define 20 pairs Arabic and Latin, in total of 40 opposite words.

  • Arabic: 

مرَارَةُ الشيء : طعم غير مستساغ

حَلاَوَة : مصدر حَلوَ

صدر صناعيّ من حَياة : مقدرة الحيّ على تأدية وظيفته ، ويراد بها الفاعليّة غير الاعتياديّة ، نشاط وعافية

الجغرافيا الحيويَّة : ( الجغرافيا ) دراسة التَّوزيع الجُغرافيّ للكائنات الحيّة

فيزياء حيويَّة : ( الطبيعة والفيزياء ) علم يتناول تطبيق علم الفيزياء على العمليّات والظواهر الحيويَّة

الكيمياء الحيويَّة : فرع في علم الكيمياء يختصّ بدراسة تركيب الموادّ الحيويّة والتغيُّرات التي تحدث في أجسام الكائنات الحيّة

إحصائيَّات حيويَّة : ما يتعلّق بأهمّ الأحداث في حياة الإنسان كالمواليد والموتى وعدد الزِّيجات

شَّقَاءُ : العُسْرُ والتَّعَب

تقاعَسَ عَنِ القِيامِ بِعَمَلِهِ : تَهاوَنَ ، تَأَخَّرَ عَنْهُ

تَقاعَسَ الرَّجُلُ : أَخْرَجَ صَدْرَهُ

تَقاعَسَ الفَرَسُ : لَمْ يَنْقَدْ لِقائِدِهِ

تَقاعَسَ العِزُّ : ثَبَتَ ، اِمْتَنَعَ

الإقْدَامُ عَلَى فِعْلِ الخَيْرِ : التَّقَدُّمُ وَالقِيامُ بِهِ

 تعاسَة سوء حظّ وحال :- نسبة كبيرة من السكان تعيش حياة حرمان

سَعَادَة : فرَحٍ ، ابْتِهَاجٍ ، أيْ كُلُّ مَا يُدْخِلُ البَهْجَةَ وَالفَرَحَ عَلَى النَّفْسِ

مُزَخْرَفٌ : مُزَيَّنٌ بِأَلْوَانٍ شَتَّى

 خاوي:  خَالِي ، فَارِغ , خَالِي

ترتيب:عَلَى تَنْظِيمِهَا ، تَنْسِيقِهَا يَشْتَغِلُ مِنْ غَيْرِ تَرْتِيبٍ

 اضطراب :حالة عدم الاستقرار ، فوضى ، بلبلة ، صَخَب وجَلَبة

دقه :سم مرَّة من دقَّ

تهَاوَنَ فِي عَمَلِهِ : تَقَاعَسَ عَنْهُ ، أهْمَلَهُ

الجَدِيَّة : الناحية

مَزَّاحٌ : كَثِيرُ الْمَزْحِ وَالهَزْلِ

 جميل: صفة مشبَّهة تدلّ على الثبوت من جمُلَ

القبِيحُ : كُلُّ ما يَنْفِرُ منه الذَّوق السَّليم ويأباه العرف العام

زَائِلٌ : عابِرٌ

مُتَأَنٍّ  : مَنْ يَشْتَغِلُ فِي تُؤَدَةٍ وَبُطْءٍ مَعَ تَفْكِيرٍ

  • Latin:

Bitter:having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.

Saccharine: excessively sweet or sentimental.

Euphoric: characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.

Miserable: wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.

Stultify: cause to lose enthusiasm and initiative, especially as a result of a tedious or restrictive routine.

Galvanize: shock or excite (someone) into taking action.

Dismal: causing a mood of gloom or depression.

Cheerful: noticeably happy and optimistic.

Ornate: elaborately or highly decorated.

Austere: severe or strict in manner or attitude.

Chaotic: in a state of complete confusion and disorder.

Tidy: arranged neatly and in order.

Precise: marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.

Inaccurate: not accurate.

Hilarious: extremely amusing.

Serious: demanding or characterized by careful consideration or application.

Adorable: inspiring great affection or delight.

Repulsive: arousing intense distaste or disgust.

Fleeting: lasting for a very short time.

Leisurely: acting or done at leisure; unhurried or relaxed.

After searching for each word definition I wrote all the words in Arabic and Latin with the font to try the font out I ended with 200 different word in different font.

Week 1:

On Monday I printed the papers and we went to the atrium and laid the papers on the floor in a row and then the professor asked us to walk on them to see them properly.


I had chosen 10 different fonts that catches my eyes and I found interesting, 5 in Arabic and 5 in Latin.

” Kufi ” I liked the design way and how the letter is represented and the dots is rounded. It is angular, slow-moving, dignified script. I found it an elegant script.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.07.34 PM.png

” Palatino ” it has a classical serif typeface, and highly legible. Very attractive and easily readable.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.25.48 PM.png

” Tanseek ” highly legible and approachable designs. An attractive way of writing. Work in perfect harmony.Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.33.26 PM.png

” Badiya ” a modern and slightly modulated. A  clear, legible, and modern text face.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.42.24 PM.png

” Yakout Linotype” it is Simplified Arabic font. Has a very dynamic effect. Very interesting slightly curved baseline.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.51.45 PM.png


” Helvetica Neue ” legibility and usefulness.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.56.18 PM.png

” Bembo ” quiet presence and graceful stability.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.59.49 PM.png

” Avenir ” oldstyle and lining figures. It is legible and eminently flexible.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.04.03 AM.png

” Bodoni 72 Oldstyle ” its classic style.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.08.30 AM.png

” Serif ” bold and italic. The letterforms are distinguished by large x-height, modest stroke contrast, robust wedge-like serifs, and triangular terminals.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.19.05 AM.png

Phase 001:

Week 2:

On the second week I started thinking of materials to work with and experiment them. I experiment 10 different letters Arabic and Latin with diffrent type of materials.

The first Material I experemented with is ears cotton, I did the letter “T”, it was challeging in the presenting the letter feature.


Next I was interesting in experimenting with thatch ribbon. it was very easy as it its a flexible material I found it very easy in the Arabic letter.


Then I played with letter cubes which I found very interesting to use, which came out very interesting letter.


Then I found a punch of plastic eyes and I wanted to make silly letter, and which came out very funny.


Then I came out with an idea of making letters made out of marshmellows which I found interesting, I look out for some recipies and bought the ingredients and started baking some marshmallow.

On the next class I made the word that I had chosen out of marshmallows and cut it into the word “حلاوه”.IMG_1482.JPG

I spend the weekend making a punch of marshmallows for the following week.

Week 3:

On the third week I consentrated more on the fonts of the marshmellow and how making them on the right way.


I did 9 letters on Arabic as a beginning and took photos of each letter under the sun for better light.



I spend the third week in photo shooting the 9 letters.

Week 4:

At the beginning of week 4 I had all my 28 letters done and ready to photograph I send the weekend photographing the letter and set them ready to be edited.


I ended this phase prodecing over 7 kilos of marshmallow.



Phase 002:

Week 1:

I send the fist week on phase 002 sketching and building the poster that I am working on for the past weeks.

Week 2:

I send the second week processing and taking pictures of the word to build up the poster.

At the beginning I baked the brownes and then set up the shooting place.



Then I edit the photos on light room and instaled it on illustrator.IMG_0075-2.jpg

On this poster I faced some fails where my word was illugeble and not clear, the reason why is that I made the word out of alluminum foil and when I want to burn the word the foil burent with it so I ended up with non clear word. I fixed the problem by experementing different materials and the material that worked was acrylic, so I cut the acrylic on my word and got ready to burn some marshmallows.

Week 3:

On the third week which was the submision week I cut the stensil from the acrylic and started making and baking.

On the first class I had my poster almost done, but then I fount out that the quote place is not suitable and the name also so I had to change it and make it ready for the final.


Untitled-5.jpgThen I started working on the final poster I changed the qoute position and the name, then I printed it and had it ready to turn in.


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