Performative Exhibition

This was the fist project for this semester I worked as group, my group partners are Salama Almohanadi and Maryam Almanai. I started this project searching for a show that I was interesting in. I spend my weekend binge watching.

Week “1”:

My group and I decided to exhibit ” Sherlock Holmes “. We have chosen the first series the second episode. We had chosen ” Sherlock Holmes” because we like the way of his thinking and we wanted to have everyone els to try and have the opportunity to live and experience the Mistry and investigation life.

We stared analyzing the episode and the characters. Then we build 3 constructs and concepts that we would like to explore as a group.

We spied the work but before starting we had each girl make an sketch of ideas and gather all the strong ideas together to have one main and strong idea that we would present.


Week “2”:

By the following week we had gathered the ideas in one sketch and had one idea, but what had concerns me and the group is the wooden house that we had to build. We sit as a group at the break time and tried to solve the problem.It came up then into my mind that we could build the house on our on and at the same time having fun building it.



At the following day we choose a place to exhibit in and took some photographs of the place and the measurements.


On the next day I went to the wood shop and bought 6 large plywood.

We had adjust some ideas on the last sketch on that week to start building the wooden house and looking for things that we need.



On the weekend I researched for the charechters and some information about them and took some photographs of the main characters in this episode. Then I stared working and building the wooden house. I had faced some problems on that day, 1- The plywood wasn’t big enough for the door I had to make the door smaller to not brake the plywood. 2- I had to thing of a way for transporting the house. 3- the group had to look for a uv light and an invisible ink pen which we couldn’t find in any shop in Doha.



Week “3”:

In the third week Maryam did a schedule for each one in the group and gave her a task to do in the third week, to be in truck and to have the work done before the exhibition date.


On Monday we went to the woodshop to do the sign.



After finishing from the woodshop we did a list of each one job and what she will bring to not forget any thing on the exhibit date.


We had a problem on that day we couldn’t find the uv light in Qatar, salama looked in different shops but she didn’t find what we are looking for. Salama suggest to visit the material shop in VCU, when we went there we found what we was looking for and helped us a lot, we got excited and can’t wait to start working on it. We borrowed “2” UV lights, 1 glowing color pen and glowing gel.


On next class we  vinel cut the foot print, we did them 2 colors black ” as the victim walked towards the dead body” and the red ” as it is leaving after the murder happens.

On the weekend I started painting the plywood to have it finish by the week after it to build it on the following Saturday.


Week “4” :

On this week we had every thing ready to set up but we had some issues in the handyman, we had to figure and solve this problem with the university safety facility. On the next class we had this problem solved it end up they are gonna bring us a handyman to help up building the wood house.

On this weekend it was a busy 2 days we give every person in the group a task to do and to bring to be ready for setting up on Saturday.


On Saturday we had everything the handyman came around 1 o’clock and they started building the wood house. While they was building it we had an issue the house was very small I had to get more plywood, but when the plywood arrived the handyman told me that he have to go back. We started painting to prefend delays.

On Sunday the handyman came around 2 o’clock and added the last piece. We countinued painting.

I started adding the foot print on the floor, while Maryam painting the front door and Salama hanging the newspapers.


We tried the UV light on that day on the wall to know if it works or not.


Maryam wrote the quotes on a paper she made which gave the seen some drama.


On the exhibit date we had some issues the newspaper fall off and we had to harry up and make them on time we finished up every thing on the time and the out come of the deconstruction was perfect and every thing goes as we planned.IMG_6252.JPGIMG_6251.JPG

I was so glade to work with Salama and Maryam they worked hard and put a lot of effort to finish this project. If I would do a group project again I would defiantly work with them again.

I fell proud of my self and my group about the out come we had a lot of pressure but we focused to make it happen.


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