100 Things

I started this project by choosing an object ” whisk” which I sticked with for 6 weeks.

After choosing my tool I start to create a mind map based on the tool, when the suffering begins. From the mind map I started creating 2D and 3D objects and illustrations and glue them in 10*10 pistol board.

Phase 001:

On the first week I created 40 designs, I had hard time making it, because I only had 4 days to finish all 40, I failed making some but I challenged my self and until I nailed it.



On the  end of the 2nd week of this project was the opposite words part, I had a paper with a lot of words and I had to create a 2 opposite objects. I created 30 opposite pairs out from the paper.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


By the 3rd week I had 100 different object hanged on the wall and 30  pairs.IMG_5381.JPG


Phase 002:

Pair of words and their antonym

In this phase I picked object from my 100 things and thing of a different ways to present it. Law and Leland  gave me a couple of words to think of another way presenting the object using the words, and that what I came out with.


At the beginning I didn’t know what does the words mean so I start to search and until I get what is the meaning. Then I start to collect pictures and to know if its right while matching I choose the one that make sense more.

phase 002.jpg

Phase 003:


In this phase I choose 2 pairs that are similar by shape but different objects and combine them with 2 opposites words. In this phase I start to get it because it is slightly the same as phase 002.

phase 003.jpg





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