100 Things ” Poster “

I started this phase researching for posters, collecting ideas and some informations before starting the project.

After research I had a punch of ideas running through my mind , I started writing notes and sketches . After that I began making the posters on photoshop,  I had made 5 posters as first prototype.

prototype 2.jpgprototype 3.jpg


prototype 4.jpgprototype 5.jpg



On the next class having some feed back on the posters made me un happy with them so I had to choose 2 posters out of 5 and  re-do them as second prototype. I worked hared to make them as perfect as I can.


final 1.jpgUntitled-1.jpg


After third class I choose one of the posters and re create it, finish it up and make it ready to print. I made 6 models from the one poster that I had chosen to had more options while chooseing one of theme.

final 1.jpgfinal 2.jpg

final 3.jpgfinal 4.jpg

final 5.jpgfinal 6.jpg

After I finished from them I had my mother and sister in law creitique my work, based on their creitique I choose the last one on the left, I tried to improved it more. Then I had an idea to print the poster on a canvas fabric which symbolize apron which was one of my 100 things.

I had my poster ready for class which I was exited to show Law and Leland.


After having creitique on Monday I have wrote down where my post is weak and what is the strongest thing in my poster, I improved the visual weakness in the poster and made it more stronger, but I thought that still my poster looks the same so I decided to take a risk and change a lot in my poster and worked more on the details. I am not a risk taker but although I took that big step, taking risks made my poster look diffrent which I am proud of. Then I asked my family and friends to creitique the new poster. I learnd from this project to not stick with one ideas and taking more risk and that risk is the key for success.

 final 1.jpg


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