This was my final project for typographic”1″. It was a short project that I didn’t send a lot of time doing it.

Other wise I had the experience to try creating a broadsheet using my typeface that I had created previously.

I started this project selecting and trying out different colors for my broadsheet until I found the two colors ” pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, black and white” interesting together.

I did the front and the back sheet in the front I had a plane orange color background and added on top the pink and yellow colors to give it a nice contrast and then I added my font name which is “pixelated”.

Then I did the back side of the sheet which has on top left the capital letters of my font. On the right side I had the font name.

Then I started playing with my fonts around. On the right side I wrote some description about my typeface.

On the third raw on the left I added the capital and the Lower case together to show the difference. On the right I added the lower case typeface.

On the last raw I added some words to show my font in an sentence, it saies ” PIXEL HERE PIXEL THERE PIXEL EVERYWHERE.” On the right side I added the letters in the lower case.

This is the front side of the broadsheet.

Pixelated broadsheet-2.jpgAnd this is the back page of the sheet.

Pixelated broadsheet-1.jpg

I had so much fun creating the broadsheet and what I am so excited of that I had the experience to do my typeface broadsheet.


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